Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Redemption by Olivia Duncan Craig

Super sweet love story for like 80% of the book and then a big old WTF?!?!?!? Fest for the last 20%...Sighs...I'll explain.

Jason's family has fallen apart. His brother and his parents have been killed, and he is not even sure why. He does know they are being preyed upon by a dangerous man. In order to make sure the three people he has left in the world don't meet the same fate he has put himself for sell as a bondmate. He is asking a steep prize for his contract, but the agency finds a buyer, a man named Devin Blair. Devin is wealthy and handsome and is looking for someone competent that can assist him in his work life, but also for a companion who he can have a satisfying physical relationship without the complications. His marriage ended badly and he does not want to go down that road again. As soon as Devin sees Jason he is very attracted to the man, he's gorgeous and his references are impeccable so he takes the plunge.

Devin and Jason get along well, they have fantastic chemistry in bed and Jason turns out to be more than competent professionally speaking. Thing is, Devin can't help feeling more for Jason than he should. Jason is also falling for Devin's kindness, the man goes out of his way to make sure that Jason is well cared for and that no one ever makes him feel like property. Devin knows that Jason is hiding something, a man like that has to have extreme reasons to end up in a bondmate contract, but Jason keeps that part of himself locked up tight.

These two guys are SOOOOO SWEET together, I really loved the dance they did around each other. Jason especially was so dear, he just tried to make the best of his situation and despite the fears he had and how much he missed his family he embraced what he could have with Devin. Devin is SO INTO Jason, but the guy is stubborn, he just cannot fall into what he is feeling, even if it is obvious that he is in deep. He does try do right by Jason though, even when trying to convince himself that things can't progress to something more than a friendship.

They are HELLA hot together and well just really great to read...Right up to 80% of the book when the whole thing kind of feel apart for me. I have issues with deus ex machina plot devices, they normally feel overwhelming, shallow, and the resolution more often than not leaves me dissatisfied, and with even more questions. That was exactly what happened here. I mean, was prepared for things to come to a head given Jason's back history, it's a no-brainer that shit is going to go down. However, how it all happened just felt weird, it completely yanked me out of the easy flow of the book to that point, but what bothered me most was that I lost the focus on Jason and Devin's relationship which had been the meat of the book up to that point.

I wish things would have been less dramatic so that Devin and Jason could have arrived to their happy ending more sedately and in a way that felt logical. I went from "This is the sweetest book ever" to "What???? Whaaaaaaaaat? WHAT? WHAT THE FUCK?!!!!!!" Normally that is not a good shift for me, especially when I'm at 80% and ready for my resolution/happy ending lap.

Sooooooo do I recommend? Ummm I think so, these boys really were the sweetest thing. Also if you go in knowing there will be some weirdness at the end it might be a better read. I don't like those kinds of surprise,s and the way things went did affect my overall enjoyment.

I hope this author has more stuff in the works, because she can write sweet and easy romance with lots of really great moments and the smexin was awesome...I just did not love that ending.

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  1. Thanks for reviewing this one babe, when I saw you had it I was really excited, it looks so good! I'm glad I know now that there's a hitch in the ending because I don't like those kinds of surprises either, or the dreaded DeM :) But the rest of the story sounds awesome!

  2. I remember when this story was fan-fiction, not much has changed apart from the names.