Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Out in the Field by Kate McMurray

This was THE BOOK! The one that I've been wanting, wishing, dreaming (and at times begging) for since the moment I discovered M/M romance. A baseball story, two professional players, one Dominican, in NYC, written by a true fan.

But it was BETTER than what I wanted, because I could not have come up with two characters as dear and engrossing and dignified and in love as Iggy and Matt, nope, I could not have wished for a better book than this. I LOVED IT!...I shall say it again I LOVED IT!

Matt Blanco is at the end of his career, he knows it, he's had a career that can only end with an induction to the Hall of Fame, he's played for the Brooklyn Eagles for 13 years and it's been everything he wished as ayoung boy. He's a beacon in the game, but 38 is ripe old age in baseball, and his knee is not helping matters. He's not unhappy, he's had a fantastic life in the sport, except for his secret. He's gay and in the closet, he never considered risking his career over revealing his sexuality, and never really had any regrets, but still it's a weight on his shoulders. But in the end there never was anyone that came close to making him want to bust that closet door open, so all there is for him, is to keep playing as long as he can.

Ignacio (Iggy) Rodriguez is LIVING THE DREAM at 25 he's finally gotten his chance to play in the major leagues. For a kid from a Dominican family, born in the US and raised on baseball, well there really is not much more he can ask for. He gets to play in the team of his dreams the Brooklyn Eagles and even more better with his Idol (and star of all his teenage fantasies) Matt Blanco...One of the best to ever play the game. Iggy couldn't wait to start this new chapter in his life.

As soon as Matt sees Iggy it's nothing but a whole lot of TROUBLE the kid is BEAUTIFUL, and he just has a thing that keeps calling to Matt like he needs to get a whole lot closer. One thing leads to the other and Matt and Iggy quickly figure out that they want each other, and they let the attraction take its course. They are discreet, neither of them wants to be outed and face the consequences. They begin a relationship though, they are SO HOT for each other, it's just fucking at first, but then it isn't, and as Matt's career starts coming to and end, Matt finally has something taht matter more than baseball and Iggy is right there with him, so they commit to make what they have last. 

It's not easy, Matt has been in the closet so long he's scared for himself and the backlash that could taint his illustrous career, more than that he's scared for his lover. He doesn't want Iggy's career to end before it's really begun, he's to fucking good to be cheated of that.

But they carry on, we see their lives, their love, evolve over four years. We see how Matt deals with moving into a new chapter in his life after having to retire from a game that has been his entire life. We see Iggy and how he flourished in his career but also struggles with what he has to compromise to continue to play the game he loves. We see them become lovers, partners, esentially a marriage. They struggle at times, but their love is strong and steady. Eventually with SO MUCH dignity they let the world see who they are. Two men in love, with baseball and each other and that there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

This book was just perfect for me. Kate McMurray is OBVIOUSLY a true baseball fan, she wrote about the game with such reverence and respect that even if you are not a fan you can still appreciate the sacrifice that this players make to play the game they love, the hardships of moving on from being a god in the field to being just a regular guy, the conflict of giving up who you are to play. 

She wrote Iggy SO WELL...A Dominican man, but also an American, no fuss, his character was just really well done. I loved Matt totally and completely and, them together...OH MY MY MY...They were hot for each other from day one to four years later, I loved them from the first page, wanted them happy, wanted them together, wanted the fucking world at their feet, and ON their feet cheering for them...Like Tina said I could read about Iggy and Matt FOREVER!

The secondary characters rocked too, the play scenes were fab...EVERYTHING was just right for me baby!!!

LOVED IT. Recommend it totally. I hope there are more sports stories coming from Ms. McMurray, she's made a die hard fan of this reader.

Out in the Field can be purchased at the Loose Id Website


  1. Oh, so glad to hear that this was good! I have it queued up in my reader ready to go next!