Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Coming Home by MJ O'Shea

MJ O'Shea is the Queen of Sweetness in the Gay Boys In Love World...

These boys were ADORABLE, sweet, cute and just GAH! super frustrating at times, but I rolled with it, I loved them so...

Tallis Carrington was the Big Man On Campus in Rock Bay, Washington during his High School days, his dad was the Major of his town and he pretty much ruled the school. He was also a bully and with his posse of cronies he would terrorize the kids that couldn't stand up for themselves, kids like Lex Barry. Lex years still bore the emotional scars (even if they were mostly faded) of what Tallis put him through.

So, imagine Lex's surprise when 10 years later a down on his luck and almost desperate looking Tallis Carrington comes begging for a job as a barrista in Lex's coffee shop. Lex against his better judgement hires the man and to his amazement discovers that the Tallis that came back to Rock Bay after leaving for Seattle in shame from family scandal, was not only a very different man...He was a gay man (a beautiful one at that) that kept looking at Lex with an interest that went far and beyond professional.

Lex and Tallis begin to fall for each other and little by little heal each other from the the past. The past that they had in common, and also the hardships that beat out the arrogance from Tallis when at the age of 17 he had to make it on his own.

These men were so sweet with each other and so loving it was hard for me to begrudge them much. I some times was puzzled by Tallis and his family history he seemed almost too broken to be fixed so easily, but he was so earnest and so in love with Lex and the home, the life he could make with him that I kinda just let go. Even when Tallis his insecurities and childish need to relive a bit of the "good old days", made me want to choke him, I still wanted more for them.

This is a sweet love story, with nice characters you want a happy ending for, the group of friends held up too, they were interesting and made the story richer.

The kind of Romance I love to read.

Coming Home is for sale at Dreamspinner Press

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