Monday, April 23, 2012

Country Mouse by Amy Lane & Aleksandr Voinov

FUN FUN FUN!!!! That's the main thing for me with this story. I had fun reading it, fun hunting for where each author's uniqueness came shining through...JUST FUN!!

I must admit that I was a bit nervous with this one. Amy Lane and Aleksandr Voinov are two of my most favorite authors in this genre, I've pretty much read everything they've written, and have not been disappointed yet, their styles are SO DIFFERNT though! I am happy to report that for me this pairing worked BEAUTIFULLY.

It's a testament to the caliber of writing prowess these two people have that as different as they write, they were able to come together and pull of something so nice and easy to read without either of their voices getting flushed out in the process and without even a hint of imbalance. Like Owen and Malcomn they came together seamlessly...Ok enough with me being a hopeless fangirl! About the boys...

Owen is a California boy who is on holiday in Europe with his friend (and also ex-girlfriend) while in London she is otherwise occupied and Owen ends up sightseeing by himself. Things get interesting when he stops for a drink at a kind of dodgy looking pub. Owen is a pretty relaxed kind of guy, so when this really yuppy looking (and super hot) overly intense dude practically orders him to not drink his beer and have a shot of vodka instead he goes along with it. Hell he is on vacay after all...So one thing leads to another and Owen ends up heading with Mr. Dommy Top to his place for a hook-up (again he's on vacation and some sex would rock)...

Malcolm has a whole Dom routine going that Owen begins to think is nothing but an act. There's a gentle, nice guy in there and Owen knows he's the guy to bring it out. As the weekend progresses, Malcolm makes Owen play a bit more on the edge than he's used to, Malcolm lets go of his hang ups and facade and opens himself up to the fact that this Yank has just thrown down all his walls and has made Malcolm just want MORE, of everything he hasn't thought he wanted before.

These two authors blended this characters so FUCKING RIGHT. The playfulness of Amy's characters, the intensity (with a gentle/honarable core) of Alek's. The erotica was FUN and HOT and even HOTTER. The emotions that developed between where soooooo believable. Good timing can be a miraculous thing, and these boys were ready for each other at that moment, they knew it too.

London was a fabulous character as well, the city was vivid and vibrant just like the real thing. I loved the little details like the streets of London and how just walking a few yards can show you all kinds of different faces of that city.

The ending was FANTASTIC. It was the perfect holiday story, comical chance meeting, intense time together with all kinds of great moments and a sigh worthy ending that went perfectly JUST in the nick of time. I read this story twice over the weekend, and liked it even better the second time around.

Recommend 100% and can only pray this pairing will happen again some time VERY SOON!.

Country Mouse can be purchased at the Riptide Publishing Website

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