Sunday, April 8, 2012

Top Ten Books With Kids

Books with kids and families? Laura and I (Lad) love them! So, here's a list of the books we love that have kids, and there's one wild card that both Laura and I had to have on the list. Enjoy!

Bewitched by Bella's Brother by Amy Lane (LA's pick)
Love this story, it is soooo sweet and well just has all the elements that make Amy Lane's books a sure thing for me. A lot of love, hotness, angsty and fantastic happy ending. Sebastian and Asa were AMAZING and Asa's little boy Jason just stole my heart. Love this book and it hold up on the re-reads too!

This book is one of my favorite in two categories. For a family book and for a book with older MC's. Richard and Logan were FABULOUS, and Richard's little grandson Nick just sooo sassy. The assistant Trina was a trip. Love this one. Also fantastic on the re-read.

This book I read early on in my M/M romance discovery days and it has a special place in my heart. Peter, Eric, Eric's son Jase, Eric's crazy mom, his best friend the old crone Rose, David the boy that Peter and Eric foster, his boyfriend Sam they are all fantastic. One of the best free reads out there. This book has it all, lovely romance, hot sex, TONS of laughs and BEAUTIFUL moments with these men and their kids. LOVE IT, and IT'S FREE.

Link to download The Good Doctor

                         Breaking Cover (Life Lessons #2) by Kaje Harper (LA's pick)
If I have to do a favorite's list for M/M chances are Mac and Tony are going to show up. These men slay me, kill me and then do it again. Love them and love them with their kids. Tony taking charge of his Godson Ben and Mac with his little girl Annie are a thing of beauty. I CANNOT wait  for book  three. Love these men. 

I fell in love with The Kid and his poetry when I read this book and he's still one of my favorite characters. 

 LA: Awwwwwwwwwww That is pretty much how I can sum up this short story. Lovely sweetness that ended way too soon. Sweet men and sweet baby. What could be better?

Laddie: I love all of Sara Bell's stories, so it's no surprise that I love this one. These guys and their little baby girl are just too too sweet. I re-read this one whenever I want to smile.

My love for this story knows no bounds. This is the first M/M romance where the main characters were taking care of kids and I totally fell in love with it. I fall in love with it every time I read it. AKM Miles writes unabashedly sweet books and this is her best.
 Okay, this is a SUPER DARK book but one of the relationships at the core of the story is the bond between Phoenix Love and his five year old brother Echo. Echo is one sweet and smart boy who Phoenix is dedicated to. The love between these brothers actually brought a tear to my eye.
This book is the ultimate men-and-their-kids book I've ever read. This is not a book that's plot driven. it's totally about the family and I loved every second that I spent reading it. Little Robbie is just the most delightful little boy and reading about the family in this book warms my heart every time.
Sean Michael writes some very uncomplicated and adorable kids stories. I liked this one about two men who split up and then reconnect later in life. It's another book that holds a place on my re-read list.

R.J. Scott is a hit-an-miss for me but I LOVED this short little gem. A manny, a dog, a cute kid and a frazzled daddy. Just too cute for words!


  1. So, you know what I realized I love most about m/m family stories? Most of them are like cuddly Hallmark/Lifetime movies but with gay dudes! It makes me wish that they actually made movies like this with gay couples -- I'd be ALL OVER THAT!!

  2. OMG Every single one of these books would be an awesome movie!! Betty White would be the PERFECT Rose for Good Doctor movie!

    1. OMG The other day I watched Off Their Rockers, her new show and I swear it was the funniest thing I've ever seen!