Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Gladiator's Master by Fae Sutherland and Marguerite Labbe

This book was HOT...
This bears repeating THIS.BOOK.WAS.HOOOTTTT!

Like I mentioned this book was hella sexy...But that is not the only thing I enjoyed, I really loved the story. Argon/Gaidres is a slave, three years before he was captured when his village was raided by Romans and now he is a Gladiator for the ludus of the House of Lariiana. Gaidres LIVES to avenge what was done to him and those he loved. The only thing that keeps him breathing is the desire to kill the people who enslave him.

After his Master Craxus dies, his nephew Caelius his only heir, comes to take over the estate. Caelius is completely different from Craxus, he is...kind. Kind? Really can Romans even be kind? It seems that this man might really be interested in seeing that the people under him are well cared for. He especially takes an interest to Gaidres, he wants to hear Gaidres opinions, put him n charge of the other men in the ludus. Gaidres is not sure what to ,make of all this. Soon enough, Gaidres realizes that his new master's interests extend to more than Gaidres' thoughts...Caelius brings him into his bed too.

Gaidres sees this new development as an opportunity to continue on his plans for revenge, but little by little he realizes that the closer he gets to Caelius the less he wants to harm the man. He finds great pleasure in Caelius' body, he can't get enough of the man. It drives him crazy to feel so much desire for an enemy, for a man he SHOULD hate. But he can't. Caelius slowly weakens the hardness in Gaidres, and once Faustus, Caelius' little son comes into their world, it becomes even harder for Gaidres to continue on the path he was in.

This book was not perfect, there were liberties taken with the vernacular and the Deus ex Dachina as always for me felt a little shallow...But in the end I still really enjoyed it. The erotica was QUALITY, very well done. The chemistry between these two men was NUCLEAR. I loved Caelius and his patience with Gaidres. Gaidres was SO FUCKING STUBBORN, but I really loved him too. Other than the vernacular being a bit iffy, the setting itself felt accurate though. All in all very enjoyable romance, the last bit was kind of a jumble, but no so all over the place it killed it for me. I knew there was something coming, so it didn't throw me for a loop or anything.

Good solid romance, hot Gladiator with hot Roman Master heating up the sheets, the walls, the floor, the pool, yeah the EVERYWHERE, AND a there's cute little baby to boot!


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