Thursday, April 19, 2012

Bartender, PI by Ethan Stone

It's Funny Haha!

This book was exactly what I wanted. Lately I seem to gravitate toward the stories with litte-to-no sex in them. Why? Because there's more STORY in those books. Bartender, PI pretty much has no sex in it. It's fluffy, silly, entertaining fun that had me snickering like third grader who just heard someone fart in class. Good times.

Linc Carpenter gets caught boffing the wrong guy and it leads to him being banned from playing professional hockey. Linc collects his severance check and heads down to his mentor and oldest friend's bar. Soon Linc's a bartender and making people bad drinks, like Long Island Iced Teas with tomato juice in them (Oops!). Then something great happens! Linc finds out that his mentor, Tyson, is a PI and Tyson agrees to train Linc to be a PI too.

Linc's doing the boring work until, While Tyson's out of town, he gets a case where a rich woman wants proof that her famous husband is cheating. This is where the fun begins.Linc is a totally sweet guy who's a little dim but has a big heart and a bigger personality. He likes soap operas, is full of life and being in his head for the duration of the book just made me want to hug the stuffing out of him. Linc uses words that are almost but not quite right and he mixes metaphors as badly as he mixes drinks. The humor in this book is not witty or dry; it's pretty close to slapstick but I giggled throughout the whole thing and was left smiling when the book ended.

When Linc Tries to catch his client's husband, Quentin, cheating he comes up with schemes that you just know are going to go wrong. And, oh, they go hilariously wrong. One of the reasons is that Linc is foiled each time by Quentin's bodyguard, a muscle bound, red haired stud by the name of Brady.

Oh, man, did I like Brady! A big, ginger hottie with a face full of freckles. Brady decides that he likes Linc and he wants the man for more than just sex. I liked that. I liked that alot and I thought it was sweeter than sweet.

And then there's the climax of the story. It was a little messed up but I have to say that I laughed my ass off. In another story I would have been like "Oh, that's not even right" but in the confines of this quirky little tale that crazy scene somehow worked.

All in all, I liked this story a whole lot and if it were to become a series, well, I'd be a happy camper. If you're looking for silly and are thinking of giving this story a try then I'd say go for it.

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  1. I am glad to hear you liked Bartender, PI. It was a special story for me, too.