Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Reviews for Today: Smutty/Light and Emotional/Hard Subject

Packing Heat by Kele Moon

Well that was some very tasty smut!! Sweet merciful porn babies, this book was smokin'!!

This was kind of a simple story, not very much in terms of plot. But, if you want a light short read, virtually angst free with some fuckhawt sex and hot as hell MCs, this baby will hit the spot.

Here's the short short version.
..Brad, super hot, super huge, mildly aggresive firefighter is in love with his roommate Gavin. Gavin, super hot, also huge, not so aggresive cop, is also totally into Brad, but has not said anything for all the years they've known each other. Until one night they get wasted, and the deed gets done.

Things progress pretty fast. Brad is out, but has some baggage from his youth, and is afraid for Gavin if he comes out too. He acts like an ass for like three minutes, but Gavin gets him over that right quick with his trusty copman handcuffs.

Nice little story, not much for substance, but crazy hot nonetheless. The guys were cute together. I had not read this author before and really had no expectations, so the gratuitous and totally indulgent sexathon worked just fine for me.

Very enterainingful indeed, I for one
would not mind seeing this touching story being turned into a feature film. I have a few actors in mind, and their names all end in a bunch of Xs.

Bow chicka bow wow...


Better by Jaime Samms

Very touching, emotional and well told love story dealing with the damages of sexual abuse

Jesse is 21, a third year college student, who is still living with the trauma of having been brutalized by his partner two years earlier. He was young, inexperienced, thought the man understood his needs, and would give him what he desired with care and love. He was so wrong, what he got instead was such cruelty and abuse that it completely broke him. Even when that beautiful law student Aadon approaches him, he can't get himself together enough to pursue a relationship, not really, he's terrified.

Aadon knows from the get go that Jesse is not alright, something really bad has happened to him. He more than anyone has seen what the aftermath of abuse looks like. His only brother, is a shell, his mind shattered, the result of years of trying to ignore the pain from his own abuse.

Aadon wants Jesse too much, there must be a way he can make it work. Aadon is a fixer. He has a need to make everything alright. He's a protector, a nurturer. But Jesse can't be fixed, he's too damaged. What he needs is to face just how horrible what happened to him was, and how dark things got. That's the only way that they can move forward. No matter how much they care for each other.

There where three things I really loved about this book. One, I thought the MCs where done really well. They were both broken boys. Jesse by what happened to him. Aadon by the burden of being left alone to care for his brother, without any support from his parents. The way that they were forced to figure out things between themselves, and individually was really good. There was never a secret formula that came along to fix things, or the right word or perfect kiss. With them it would always be hard, but not trying was not really an option.

Two, I loved the secondary characters. Aadon's friends who were supportive and fiercely loyal. Jesse's mother who despite how hard it was to understand her son's sexual needs and desires, never hesitated in her love, or in her conviction that her son didn't ever deserve to be abused like he had been. Sarah, Jesse's best friend, might have been good too, if she hadn't been so incredibly annoying.

Three, I thought Jesse and the cutting was done very well. It was not morbid or gratuitous, and it was not used as way to get a gasp or a reaction. I really appreciated that.

I mostly really loved these two young men, what a hard road they had to travel. It was not perfect, even when they had found a way to move forward together, but it was a satisfying ending. They were on their way.

There were tough moments for sure, some semi-graphic descriptions of abuse, and some of the times with Ricky, Aadon's brother, were really hard.

Jesse and Aadon broke my heart a few times that's for sure, but they figured it out. Jesse finally understood what it was about Aadon that made him the man he needed. "I can be afraid with you and still know I'm safe. That's the difference. That's why I love you."

Very good book. I recommend.

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