Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Review for "The Decisions we Make" by RJ Scott


Ok first of all I have to say that I know that this book was supposed to be based on the two dudes from that show Supernatural and that is supposed to make me love it so much more, because they are so awesome. Well I think I saw about an episode and a half of that, and I still LOVED THE HELL OUT OF THIS STORY!

Oh man I loved these boys, this family, their love, their journey, the way it was told...I even loved the author's super cute and TOTALLY Brit expressions that somehow are supposed to pass as slang from Southern California :O)

So, Daniel Keyes is an orphan, at nine years old he is all alone in the world. All he has is his piano, and himself. His dad died from cancer, and his mom took her own life not long after. He is a scared lonely little boy. He does not know what to expect the day that he arrives at this new foster home. He will be living with the Walkers now, until some other family wants to keep him permanently. He is frightened of what he will find in that home. He just wants a safe place where he can just STAY.

From the first moment he arrives he gets mauled and taken over by Jamie, his new foster brother and some kind insane force of nature. Jamie doesn't know much about Daniel other than that he wants to be friends...So he just lets Jamie take over...And that is where they begin. They become inseparable, always together. Simply. Jamie and Daniel.

Then sixteen comes around and things are not so simple anymore...Daniel is still with the Walkers, the people that have become his family. He has a mom, a dad, a little sister, and older brother and Jamie, he's his brother too. But he's MORE. He's everything. Daniel is scared of what that means.

He talks to his family about who he is, and they accept him and support him unconditionally, he just can't bring himself to reveal the other part of what he feels. The part about Jamie. But once Jamie hears the news from Daniel, things with him change as well. He finally sees and begins to understand that what he feels for Daniel is not as simple as he thought. That love they have for each other is still powerful, but somewhere along the line it has changed. Deciding to acknowledge that will change everything, it will change THEM. But Jamie has never been one to shy away from getting what he wants, and Daniel, he just really wants Jamie.

This love story was just gorgeous. There were hard moments, and there were beautiful moments between the family, between Jamie and Daniel. The love was stubborn and strong between all of them, and that strong love got its victory in the end.

Loved it. For sure, one of my favorite Young Adult stories. What sweetness.

I highly recommend.


  1. ROFL... thank you babe... the original story WAY BACK (2009 I think? 2008) was inspired by SPN (sighs at the memories) but this isn't based on them... I promise you! and Brit slang ROCKS - SoCal should learn from me (snorts)... *loves you* Rj xxxx

    1. Brit slang totally rocks LOL. I loved these boys Rj for reals! Thanks for awesome story :0)

  2. Yup, I'm gonna have to get this:),

    1. It's a really lovely story. I think you'll like it. You might want to add Lovegames there is a VERY naughty rockstar in this book :0)