Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Amber Kell Experience

I have an addiction to absurdity.
Most people know that well.
So, since my craziness loves to kidnap mofos,
let me school y'all on Amber Kell.

(Because her stories make me snicker like a baby who just passed gas)

Amber Kell's holy grail is Catching Mr. Right.
This story's like a crack addicted monkey
hyped up on meth
who's been snorting coke all night.

(Like Al Pacino sticking his face in a mountain of coke Scarface style)

There's an ex-mercenary named Tucker
and an uber wealthy, super genius named Norm.
Tucker should've had a name like Dare McDagger
but Kell appeased me with an infamous crime boss and nano-bombs.

(Norm was a devious little sucker)

Running a close 2nd to Catching Mr. Right
is Taking Care of Charlie; a guilty pleasure to the max.
I really had to suspend disbelief for this one
but I have to do that with every Kell story, if I'm giving you the facts.

(Nano-bombs running through a person's blood stream is an everyday thing. Happened to my next-door neighbor last week. I thought the sound of dying cows was him having sex but, nope, he was bemoaning his nano-bomb situation.)

My favorite thing about Taking Care of Charlie?
Oh, that had to be Marcus, for sure.
Without telling Charlie, Marcus follows him across country
and, I didn't get the memo, but I guess that's not called stalking anymore.

(Marcus is all "I have been waiting for Charlie since he was 10 and I was like...16." ...almost creepy...okay, pretty creepy. BUT my disbelief? I haz suspended it.)

Let's not forget Kell's Supernatural Mates series.
Though, unlike the other books, this series isn't that crazy of a ride.
But Kell steps it up in book #4;
Nothing To Do With Pride.

(Not the best in the series but a mofo gets cut in half in book #4 and the end is like "Whaaat whaaaaat?")

So, if you're looking for a SUPER light read;
something that won't tax your brain,
think about giving Amber Kell a try.
You know you want to join me on the madcap crazy train.


  1. I have read one book by Amber Kell 'Vampire Wanted' and it was so crazy @_@ I couldnt put it down.

    I guess all Kell's book might be cractastic

    1. Oh yeah, they are SUPER addictive. They have alot of moments where I go "Wait a minute...seriously? This can't get any crazier."

  2. ahahha! You and your addictions! I haven't read her Supernatural series, but I liked TCC and CMR. Kind of romantic comedies with outrageous characters (the damsel in distress, the neanderthal, the nerdy genius...)

    1. I need some kind of intervention LOL!
      Romantic comedies is a great way to describe those stories.