Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday's Most Wanted

Since we are new at this gig, we want to give you all some info on what our posts will look like, as we go along. Every Monday we will be posting our "Most Wanted" List. These are the books that are coming out during the following week, and that we have on our radar.

We are always on the prowl looking for new stuff that looks interesting, and keeping up with our favorite author's New Releases, so we thought we'd put together a list every week and share what books we are waiting for.

We will usually try to keep the list to no more than five books. The list will have the book title, the author, release date, publishing house, cover (if it's out), our "Priority Rating", and a link to the book's information page on Goodreads. The book at the very TOP of the list, will be reviewed on the release day, as soon as we can swing it.

Here are some of the categories for our ratings:

Can Hardly Stand the Wait!!: That book is getting read the minute it hits the Kindle, or any other device with reading ready abilities that might be on hand at the moment.
To Read ASAP: Book that for one reason or other, just has us all excited.
Top Priority Author: Writers that we have on Auto-Buy and esentially read their books as soon as we possibly can without even looking at the blurb.
New Author: Have never read author before, but looks interesting enough to give it a try (most times that just means the cover is hot).
Curious: That can either be a new author, an author we've read only once before, or something completely different that just captures our attention.

This week we've got some delicious goodies on the queu. Out of the five, there are four books that are part of a series. Two of them are the first installments. One has a cover that makes me want to lick the screen of my computer like a lollipop, and the other is a short story by Ms. Laura Baumbach being re-released by MLR Press.  There is also the  sixth book in the Uncommon Cowboys Series, Laddie has a sickness with these books, so she's happy to take the hit, and review this baby for us. The BIG stars this week for us are the books coming out on Dreamspinner Press and Losee Id.

Dreamspinner has been pissing me off but good lately with their lazy editing ways, BUT Sarah Black has a new book coming out, and that is as good as cash in my hand. So buy it we will. From Loose Id, there is a second book in the Queen City Series by M. Jules Aiden that I  can only pray is as good as the first one, because that was one if my favorites books of 2011.  So, here it is my babies, the Most Wanted for the coming week (January 23rd-January 31st):

1. Lovegames (Queen City #2) by M. Jules Aedin (Sequel to Paper Planes which we LOVED)
Release Date: January 24th
Publisher: Loose Id
Priority Rating: Can hardly wait!!
LA's Review for Paper Planes
Link to Goodreads book's page

2. Marlowe's Ghost by Sarah Black
Release Date: January  25th
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Priority Rating: Top Priority Author
Link to book's Goodreads page

3. A Cowboy in Ravenna (Uncommon Cowboys Series Book 6) by Jan Irving
Release Date: January 30th
Publisher: Total e Bound
Priority Rating: To be read ASAP (by Laddie and author's mom, everyone else waiting for reviews)
Laddie's review of A Plain, Ordinary Cowboy (Uncommon Cowboys #5)
Link to book's Goodreads page
4. Best of Both Worlds (Friends to Lovers  Series Book 1) by Liz Andrews
Release Date: January 31st
Publisher: Sahmain
Priority Rating: Curious/New Author
Link to book's Goodreads page

5. Enthralled (Enthralled #1)  by Laura Baumbach
Release Date: We hope sometime this week since MLR has it for January (this book is a re-release and was originally published with Changeling Press).
Priority Rating: Curious
Link to book's Goodreads page

So that's our  list for the week!! We can't wait to get our hands on these babies, and devour them... Have a great Monday everyone...Now go forth and read!!


  1. Paper Planes was great. Now, I wonder how JA will manage with the complexity of the dynamics between lovers in a polyamorous romance. MMM is not an easy sub-genre.

  2. @Edina
    MMM is definitely a hard thing to pull off. Personally, I need all of the characters to love each other equally. If I feel like the relationship is imbalanced in some way it ruins the book for me.

  3. It'll be interesting with three men for sure. There were three MMM books I loved last year and they were both BDSM themed books. I think the nature of the D/s relationship already has a degree of openness that works with MMM. I'm looking forward to seeing how she does this, and to getting an update from Stuart and Dustin.

    1. Sadly not much Dustin and Stuart. They are not on page at all and only mentioned in passing. This book is set in the same world, and obviously Keith and Adam appear in both books, but otherwise they are very separate.

  4. I just finished reading Lovegames this weekend and I'll tell you it was REALLY good. Menage is hard I agree. Very different tone than Paper Planes (which I also loved). My review isn't up yet b/c I am running it during Rock Star Week, but I will say I thought the book was quite good.

    1. I'm looking forward to it. Must go by your blog and check out the Rock Star week. Saw on GR you're reading American Love Songs. It's my favorite rocker book. Outstanding book.

  5. @LLadies

    yeah, I need the guys to love each other equally too. I also like seeing them make efforts to find a new balance, to redefine the roles. And I don't mind a bit of jealousy, it's like hot spice in Nando's chicken. And now that Laura mentions it, I realise my fav MMM are BDSM, though BDSM is far from my fav sub-genre!!! I guess as taken as I am with the dynamics in a MM relationship, I now understand why BDSM: in a BDSM they tend to give much importance to the dynamics, the new roles.

    1. Yep Edina, I think D/s already has that freedom of the unconventional, so there is space to explore love differently. I would say Room at the Top is a lot better M/M/M story than this one. But the brushing upon mental illness was the winner for me with this book.