Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Review of "Lovegames" (Queen City #2) by M. Jules Aedin

3.5 Stars

Warning!!!! Anyone that might have risks of passing out, or getting heart palpitations from reading about incredibly hot men having incredibly hot sex, please make sure to keep that 911 speed dial handy or at least one of those brown paper bags that people use when they are hyperventilating close by, because this sex, to borrow from the Kings of Leon IS ON FIRE. Soooo HOT, like "Holy shit was I just reading this and panting?!" HOT!...Just be Warned. Not the you shouldn't read it, the delicious smut might be worth the concussion...Just sayin'.

Ok back to the book, I must say that I had high expectations for this story. This is the second book in the "Queen City" Series, the first one Paper Planes was one of my favorite books from last year. So, I expected something similar. Once I started reading, I had to adjust my expectations, since for the most part this book was totally different. Not worse or better different, just different. Tone, focus of the book, character dynamics, was different.

Adam Cruce (super hot actor) and his partner Keith Black (super hot rockstar) meet Sebastian (super hot twink) getting out of a bit of an awkward situation at the Charlotte Pride Weekend, where Keith is performing. Keith is instantly attracted to Sebastian or Baz, as his friends call him. Keith and Adam habitually play with a third in bed, always very casually and always a one night stand. So Baz gets to be Charlotte sex kitten for Adam and Keith. So, they hook up with the boy. The sex is amazing, they all love it, but move on. Keith and Adam go back to their lives, and so does Baz.

Thing is neither Keith nor Adam can forget about Baz. There is something there, that they want to explore. So, they decide to invite Baz over to their home in LA for another week of playing to see if the time together can finally quench what it is that they have for Baz. Things progress from there...

I'm gonna give the positives first. All the characters were well done. Keith's struggles, I thought were done very well. He has bipolar disorder, which he refuses to treat for fear of losing his career, and the way his mindworks and his persona were portrayed I thought was excellent. Adam as the caregiver/enabler/lover, was also very well done (although he did annoy a few times). Baz's character I also liked, he was not the stereotypical bratty twink, I IMMENSELY appreciated that. The feelings these three men developed were believable, as was the struggle between Adam and Keith. They were a established couple with a good, if at times harried, relationship bringing in a third partner would change everything.things felt a little awkward. It is only once scene and not very long, but the talking specially felt a bit weird. Which was sad, because I love me some good Daddy dirty talk. One thing I have to say, as yummy as the smexing was there was a Daddy/boy scene where

Now for the not so great aspects of this book for me. First, there was a subplot with a stalker situation that felt slapped on, and made no sense. I did not for the life of me comprehend what the point was. It felt inconsequential and unnecessary. I mean wasn't there enough drama already with two celebrities, one with a mental illness, trying to and have an open relationship with a third man? Adding to that was just overkill. Second, I felt that things ended too abruptly, well into the last tenth of the story, there were complications coming up that I just felt needed more book to be flushed out. So...I would have been happier with a couple more chapters.

With all that this book is good, not what I was expecting in some ways, but I am still glad I read it. I enjoy this author's writing. The characters are well written, if high on the dramatics at points. And the sex alone was worth the time. Mercy me that was some tasty tasty smut.

I'd recommend this one, and will absolutely read the next one, which I hope is the friend from Paper Planes and his policeman.


  1. It seems to me like the only good thing about this book is the sex, no? yes?