Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday's Most Wanted

It's Monday again, and this week we've got some more awesomeness coming our way. The month of February is looking to be a VERY GOOD month for us readers. Mr. T.j. Klune who had one of the most successul debut novels of 2011, Bear, Otter and the Kid, has something new and totally different for us this month, Amy Lane (who we are MAD CRAZY about) has a new novel, and Carole Cummings whose Aisling series ROCKED OUR WORLD last year has the first installment of a new series being released. All three of these books will be brought to you by none other than Dreamspinner Press. My love/hate relationship with DSP is in full swing this month my friends, they are aiming to please, and I must admit I LIKE IT. Last, but certainly not least, this month from Riptide Publishing we will have the fourth part in the Dark Soul series by Aleksandr Voinov, which I seriously CANNOT wait for.

This week we've got five books for our list, some are books that just looked promising while we browsed the publisher sites this past week, and a couple are books we've been waiting for. We've got a fantasy/horror story from Mr. Klune, a cowboy novel coming out on Sahmain with a cover that makes me want to softly caress the screen of my laptop (and possibly cook it dinner), a very promising firemen book from a new author (for us), and a new PNR series from Marie Harte, both from Loose-Id. Finally,we have the third installment of SJD Peterson's "Whispering Pine Ranch" Series also from DSP. I am determined to actually read this series. Even though the first book did not work for me at all, I hear the second was a big improvement, and there are cowboys in it. So read it we will.

Here it is folks our Monday's Most Wanted for the week of January 30th to February 7th:

1. Burn (Elementally Evolved #1) by TJ Klune
Release Date: February 6th
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Priority Rating: Pre-Ordered, Can hardly Wait!!!

2. Cowboys Down by Barbara Elsborg
Release Date: February 7th
Publisher Sahmain
Priority Rating:Pre-Ordered To Read ASAP (Hello!!! Cowboys!!)

3. Packing Heat by Kele Moon
Release Date: January 31st
Publisher: Loose Id
Priority Rating: Read ASAP, Not Pre-Ordered (it's not really an option since the good people of Loose-Id refuse to get their shit together, and can barely have a blurb and a cover out two hours before a book is released for sale)

4. Favor's Fortune (A Power Up Story) by Marie Harte
Release Date: January 31st
Publisher: Loose Id
Priority Rating: Curious

5. Ty's Obsession (Whispering Pine Ranch #3) by SJD Peterson
Release Date: February 3rd
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Priority Rating: Curious...Again.

Before we go...We wanted to give everyone a heads up on what we are planning for the next couple of weeks. This week in addition to our reviews, we will have our Top Ten List " Free Online Fiction (Stand Alone Stories)".

We also wanted to give you a little teaser for next week, we have BIG plans for our Valentine's Day Post, it's going to be AWESOME!!! We will have all our MOST favorite couples from 2011 on our Top Ten list, and even a few 'updates' and other goodies from some of our favorite boys, some even will let us know what they will be up to for Valentine's. :OP

That's all for us today my babies! We hope you find some books that are of interest for this week...Now go forth and READ!


  1. I'm a huge Amy Lane fan. Can't wait for Chase in Shadow and the next Dark Soul(to indulge my darker reading tastes). I'm also curious to see how the Whispering Pine Ranch series wraps up. I definitely want to read Cowboys Down and Packing Heat, too. Yum! Cowboys and men in uniform. I had to check out Kele Moon's website to find a blurb for that one. I loved Bear, Otter, and the Kid but I may wait for a review of Burn before I purchase it.

    Sounds like y'all have lot's of great stuff planned. I'm looking forward to it!

  2. Oh good! I hadn't heard Amy Lane has a new one coming out. She's one of those authors whose books I'll buy and read without knowing anything about it... only that it has her name on the cover.

    Can't wait for your Valentine Day post!!

  3. @Lisa I hear the Kele Moon book is VERY SMUTTY, I will be reading that as soon as it hits my kindle. Burn seems quite interesting, not sure what to expect really.

    @Matt Yep Amy has a book out on 24th , it's supposed to be about the pornography industry and SUPER tough read. I can't wait to read it. And yep Valentine's Day post should be good :O)

  4. Interesting selection of books you guys are going to read! I love Amy Lane and I can't wait for Burn. I'm curious about the Whispering Pine Ranch series. I've been wanting to read it for a while now but have always been afraid I won't like it! LOL. So, I will wait until you read it ^_^

  5. Can't wait for the next book in the Dark Souls series. Voinov is doing something unique there.