Friday, January 27, 2012

All Time Favorites: Take My Picture by Giselle Ellis

I just re-read this today and had to share. This book is for sure one of the most special books I've read since I began to read M/M romance. I read it almost a year ago, and even after all the other stories I've read since, this one couple is still in my very favorites.

Honestly if you are an M/M fan, and you have not read this. Please do, just stop whatever it is you are reading, buy this and read it. Like right now. You will no regret it.

So, about Take My Picture...

Romance is about love right?...About giving selflessly just because giving to the one you love, gives you the joy of seeing them pleased and happy.

That was Jake an Aaron...They knew how to give to each other, even subconsciously, and that's how they loved. This book, was perfect for me...I can't say just how much.

Jake is a corky photographer who hires Aaron as an assistant when his trusted employee Alyson resigns to get married...From the first instant Jake and Aaron together, work perfectly, and are funny as HELL! They stay like that in platonic perfection, for five years.

Jake, Aaron, and Alyson (trusty fag hag who intervenes to get these dumbasses together when they get too stubborn) are one of the funniest trios I've read...Real comedy. Funny and smart, and just good.

This book was romance to the fullest, I was there with them suffering, wanting to scream in frustration, but knowing that it would happen, because two people that perfect for each other are helpless to their fate...Their ONLY choice was each other.

That HEA, that coming together, that was MONUMENTAL.

I loved this book. Every.Single.Page.

It's a favorite.


  1. Okay. You talked me into it. I've seen this one around for awhile and that it had good reviews. I am taking your advice. Like right now.

  2. Love love this book. So sad she hadn't published anything else.

  3. Happy you mention this book. It is a gem. I don't know how many times I've re-read. It's just too beautiful!
    PS: I like the all-time fav category.

  4. @Lisa It is just the best! I hope you love it :0)
    @ Edina Yeah I thought reviewing faves is good we read so many, we can forget the great ones sometimes.
    @Luci I wish she'd write more too!

  5. This is one of the best books ever. I actually snorted reading this last year, that's how funny :)