Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Why Laddie Is Excited About GayRomLit This Year

From the time I was little I knew that my mom was different from alot of other moms. She clubbed down in The Village in Manhattan on the weekends. She used to take me to the flea market on Houston street. She wore cool and edgy clothes. When all the other moms had long hair, my mom and her best friend had super short and spiky hair. My mom, in a word, was and still is unique.

She and my dad raised me to love everyone. I knew gay people, straight people, bisexual people, people with vices and people with no vices. The first wedding I went to was a beautiful lesbian commitment ceremony that my dad took me to.

So, when I told my mom about the GayRomLit Retreat this October and how I was DYING to go she got SO excited and said "Can you ask me to go with you because I need to go to something that's called Desire In The Desert? I have a cowboy hat and cowboy boots". Because my mom is one of my best friends and full of life I asked her to go. Everything is better when my mom is around.

And then I went all out and said "Why don't we ask Miss C to go?!"
Miss C is my mom's dance club partner, best friend of more than 30 years, and the quirkiest, most vibrant and coolest Puerto Rican woman to ever grace the planet. When they're together my mom magically acquires a Spanish accent and the world becomes a brighter place.

Miss C said "YES!! Do you see that hot, naked cowboy on the GRL website?! I'm bringing my daughter!"

And then I told them that there might be gay strip clubs involved and got a resounding "Oh HELL YES!!"

So, this year I'm beyond excited about the GayRomLit Retreat. I'm bringing some of my favorite people. It's pretty much impossible to be around my mom and Miss C and not have a crazy, happy, fun time. They make everyone around them feel loved and special. Also, they tend to adopt people and give alot of hugs.

While I'm excited about meeting authors and people I talk to online every day, what I'm really excited about is bringing the joy and laughter that is my mom and Miss C into the lives of my GR friends.

Watch out Albuquerque, NM...that smile up there is coming to a Hard Rock Resort near you.


  1. I can't wait to meet them!!!

    1. They are going to LOVE you, Cole!!

    2. I CANNOT WAIT to meet Momma! When I come down to NJ she and I have to plan all the clubs we're gonna hit in NM! WOOT!

    3. She's excited to meet you too! She said she's down for anything except for hot air balloons. Lol!

  2. Be afraid, ABQ, be very afraid. :D

  3. Yeah!!! This is going to be so much fun and I cannot wait to SEE YOU again and meet the lovelies in your life.