Monday, March 5, 2012

Monday's Most Wanted March 05-12

Hey Hey!! We're back with our list for this Monday...Now that things have *ahem* settled down, and since we are all back to our semi-normal selves, we can start cheering for all the goodies we have this week. Ms. Kaje Harper who we LOVE, has a brand new book coming out, with firemen inside of it!!...Need I say more? I didn't think so.

Jordan Castillo Price who we can all agree is a WRITING GODDESS has a brand new story out, with a cover that is TO DIE FOR, seriously, I want to stroke it and call it 'baby' it is so friggin' pretty. So, I (LA) I'm reading that book as soon as it hits any of the reading able devices I carry on my person at all times.

There is also a sequel coming out in the Seattle Marauders Series by Riley Shane from Loose Id which has captured our interest...Finally, a compilation of TA Chase's Embrace My Reflection and Bring Him Gold will come out in print this week.

So, here is our most wanted for March 05-12:

1. The Rebuilding Year by Kaje Harper
Release Date: March 6th
Publisher: Samhain
Priority Rating: Pre-ordered, Can hardly wait!!!

2. The Starving Years by Jordan Castillo Price
Release Date: March 5th
Publisher: jcp books
Priority Rating: Ummmm it's JCP.

3. In the Penalty Box (Seattle Marauders #2) by Riley Shane
Release Date: March 6th
Publisher: Loose Id

3. Embraced by Gold by TA Chase
Release Date: March 11th??
Publisher: Amber Allure

That is all for us in books this week's list folks. There are a few things in Loose Id that looked interesting, but I can never tell what the hell is going on there, so I just put up the book that has an actual release date. MLR also is hopeless with their upcoming stuff....SIGHS Not sure what is happening there either.

Tomorrow I'll be posting my review for Where There's Smoke by LA Witt which I read over the weekend, and Friday Lad and I will have our Top Ten Guilty Pleasures list....I think Jan Irving has cooked up something to be released this week too. Judging from the last few reviews it's safe to say that at this point she is writing exclusively for Laddie, and if I know my little crackhead like I think I do, she'll be all over that book like she's got a new pipe and an twenty as SOON as it's out...So another Crackattack! should be along this week as well...

Have a great week everyone. Hope you finds some good stuff on the list. Now go forth and READ!


  1. I believe that Embrace by Gold is just the original 2 stories published together as a paperback.

    1. Yes thanks for the heads up Luci. I made the change!