Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Book To Look For: Heart in Hand by Salifiable

FANTASTIC Sports Fan Fiction

This book made me feel Triumphant...Like yeah the Good Guys DO win sometimes and when they do...Well, IT'S FUCKING GLORIOUS it's what it is!

First of all I can safely say this so far is the best Sports book I've read in this genre. Sure, it has stiff competition but still, it is fantastic. The scenes that are focused on hockey were great and most of all I seriously loved the reverence and respect that was given to the Spirit of sportsmanship, playing with pride and honor, being a team, understanding that there are things more important than individual glory...It was all SO well done.

But to the important stuff, the boys...In this book "Star" is spelled O-V-I-EWhat a character! Ovie he stole the show, my heart, and not a little bit of my friggin' sanity!!

Alex Ovechkin is together with Sidney Crosby undisputedly the the best in the NHL. He is a Russian powerhouse. He doesn't have an Olympic Gold Medal, and hasn't won the Stanley Cup, but he is the best there is, but so is Sidney, who actually has the trophies and medal to prove it.

They are rivals kind of, but since Sid has the trophies and Ovie REALLY wants them too, he asks Sid if they can practice together in the off season. They do, and Sid realizes that Ovie despite his loud and obnoxious ways is actually a great guy. They are so different Ovie flashy and fun and Sidney serious and methodical. Despite all that they become friends and end up having to keep that going for a show being filmed featuring the two of them...Things happen, a bet gets out of hand and well...Things progress. Sid had no clue what he's doing, Ovie is not very clear in what he wants, and that of course can only end in some major fuckery.

I cannot explain how much I loved this book. It was beautiful, seriously it was. It gave such an uplifting view of what people can be in the face of serious difficulties. How those who you least expect can show FIERCE bravery and love. That when it matters people will stand up for what is right and fair. The families, the teammates, friends in this book were amazing.

Those two men, oh they killed me slowly. Ovie's character was COURAGE and DIGNITY and Sidney was FEAR and ATONEMENT...Together they were FORGIVING, and willing to move forward when they go their chance...They got it all in the end, but they had to fight hard for it...Ovie the whole time, he was like a warrior and Sid, he hid, but he did what was right in a moment that mattered.

Damn I loved this book, and it's FREE!