Sunday, March 11, 2012

Stroke! by MJ O'Shea

@Laddie SOOOOO!!! Did you read it?!!!!!

@LA Yup! I loved it!

@Laddie YAY!!! OMG Me too! Cutest Short I've read in a while! And it was JUST RIGHT

@LA I know! I loved the way it felt like a full story even though it was short

@Laddie I LOVED the characters they were so easy to connect to...Owen <3 I knew the kid! It was such EFFICIENT writing you know?

@LA Owen was definitely a vibrant character….And how much did I love that the story was about the rowing team? I felt like I was in the boat with them

@Laddie YUP!! The parts about the crew team were perfect!! Action was spot on, and so colorful!...And the gaming and getting to know each other online thing was a really cool way to let us get to know Davis too…I mean HELLO!! Of course two college boys would bond like that...I seriously AWWWED the whole time

@LA OMG Me too! How sweetly dorky that they bonded over killing zombie lunch ladies

@Laddie HOLY SHIT! They fucked up those zombies!!! I mean, it was a little predictable, but I actually was surprised with how it all played out, and when they met, how that happened was unexpected and awesome

@LA I really enjoyed how MJ O'Shea orchestrated the first time they met in person, it was predictable but I just loved them so much that I didn't care

@Laddie I felt the same way, I knew them so well, and was SO SURE they were meant to be together, I knew it would work out *sighs* The end was JUST PERFECT

@LA The end had me smiling so hard that my cheeks were hurting

@Laddie ME TOO ME TOO! I friggin' LOVE reading something and thinking "This author was in her Sweet Spot writing this" you know? I started reading and for an hour I WAS GONE...Only those two boys and me.

@LA It was totally satisfying but even still…I want MORE of those boys!!

@Laddie I haven't read much from MJ but what I have, I've enjoyed. She has a knack for the shorts…I wouldn't mind a little more Owen and Davis that's for sure *sighs* I'm glad we spotted this one...Made my weekend in the reading department...Just thinking about it makes me smile.

@LA Totally agree! I recommend this one a million times over, because everyone should read it and fall in everlasting love with it!!

@Laddie Ditto! It was a perfect little bite of AWESOME...I wish we could make people read stuff. I'd force everyone to read this if I could...

Stroke! Can be purchased at the Dreamspinner Press Website


  1. O'Shea OWNS this theme (teenagers/young adults friends to lovers)... with Piper Vaughn. I liked this story too, though not as much as YOU. The part where they finally get together as a couple was a bit short, but I LOVED the online friends/crush part. It makes me think of one of my fav gay movies: Is it just me (2010). They meet online too, they are friends first, and Oh the CUTENESS of the story AND the actors !!! Anyone watched it?

  2. You guys crack me up! I completely love this format for book reviews :D Need a quick read before I glue myself to the tv to watch The Voice, this is perfect.