Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sweet Lyric by Lisa Marie Davis

Melodrama, Melodrama, Where Are You, Melodrama? Oh, There You Are.

Ever since reading Loving Lucas I have been looking for a Lisa Marie Davis book that I could enjoy half as much. After this I think I'm giving up the search.

Lyric is a drifter with a past. Jonas is the owner of a lucrative construction company. Lyric goes into Jonas' office looking for a job and...

"Hi, I'm Lyric Spencer." *moony eyes*
"I'm Jonas Lamar" *smoldering moony eyes*

....and then they suck face, suck face, suck face and hump.

There is also talk of how they feel electricity when they shake hands for the first time and how they know they are at a crossroads and their lives are going to change and OH! Can you feel the magic in the air?!

This was an unbelievably clichè and disappointing beginning to the story. It was all downhill from there. I'm going to say this: If it is nothing else, this book is clichè, melodramatic and full of gushing sentimentality. I love a sweet story but this was too much.

They're making out within five minutes of meeting each other and deciding that they are boyfriends. It's all due to some magical, mystical, soul-deep feeling of life-changing love. I was rolling my eyes during 95% of this book. I'm rolling my eyes just thinking about it.

The drama. Oh, the drama. Suicide(more than one), severely depressed parents, media scandal, affairs, homicidal maniacs and much, much more. This was soap opera central and it was EXHAUSTING. Why was it exhausting? Because I got tired of going "WTF??! Oh, WTF??!"

I was looking forward to this story because I really want to like Lisa Marie Davis' work but...I just can't. I know that she can write good stories because she wrote Loving Lucas. Maybe I'll try her work again one day but I think next time I'll wait for reviews before I buy.


  1. Sounds like an absolutely typical LMD read to me. :D

    1. I rolled my eyes so much that I think they rolled out of my head. I was so disappointed. :(

  2. I save her books for when my eyeballs need exercise. :D

  3. I haven't read any of her books, and obviously should not start with this one that I a NICE ass though.