Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday's Most Wanted March 13-20

It's Monday...Night, but hey! It is still Monday and there is so much goodness to share!!! The fifth and last installment of Aleksandr Voinov's Dark Soul Series is out from Riptide Publishing. Dreamspinner Press has two books that are looking good, and I've already starting praying a Novena pleading that they are actually readable. PLEASE LET THEM BE GOOD!

The third book on the
SuperPowered Love Series by Katey Hawthorne is out this week on Losee ID...I (LA), LOVED Riot Boy, and will read that as soon as I get it. Ava March has the first of her new series out from Carina Press...And last but NOT LEAST Ms. Eden Winters has a new book coming out with Amber Allure...Too much good to wast your time dearies...

Here are this Monday's Most Wanted:

1. Dark Soul No. 5 by Aleksandr Voinov
Release Date: March 19th
Publisher: Riptide
Priority Rating: I would love to own a time machine, so that I could make it be the 19th

2. Nobody's Hero (Superpowered Love #3) by Katey Hawthorne
Release Date: March 13th
Publisher: Loose Id
Priority Rating: Can Hardly Wait!

3. Thief (Brook Street #1) by Ava March
Release Date: March 19th
Publisher: Carina Press
Priority Rating: Pre-Ordered, Read ASAP

4. Diversion by Eden Winters
Release Date: March 18th
Publisher: Amber Allure
Priority Rating: Read ASAP

5. What Ever Happened to Jan Phillips? by Michael Halfhill
Release Date: March 16th
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Priority Rating: I'm not even sure what this book is about, but DAMN look at that cover! Once again foiled by Anne Cain's awesomeness...

6. Sweet Lyric by Lisa Marie Davis
Release Date: March 14th
Publisher: Dreamspinner
Pritority Rating: Curious and again DAMN look at that COVER !

That is all for this wee's list smut loving folk. There is MUCH to read this week and I am counting my blessings.

Happy Reading!

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