Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Distant Rumblings by John Goode

I just got Drop Kicked by AWESOME BABY!!

Wow I loved this story! John Goode has such a knack for writing great teenage characters. This story kepy me smiling, laughing and nodding in delighted approval the whole time.

Kane Vess is your average emo/snarky teenage boy. He lives in a corky little Hippie town called Athens, Iowa (and if you live in a corky little hippie town like Ithaca, NY ,Athens and its nuttiness is extra fun to read about I assure you!) he lives with his dad, and has a best friend named Jewel. For the most part he's a pretty happy teenager, even is life is a bit boring.

Kane is openly and also REALLY REALLY single. He is just biding his time to leave Athens, nothing exciting EVER happens here...Until the New Hot Guy comes to the high school and kinda stabs Kane in the chest with his sword...Wait! What?! Ummm yeah things get a whole lot more interesting in a hurry once Prince Hawk from Arcadia comes to town. He brings all kinds of excitement with him too...major other worldly family drama, betrayal, a changeling cat that is bad ass and SUPER mean, a talking Ruby that ROCKS...and well all kinds of awesome mayhem.

The POV's in this story switch around only Kane is in the first person, the rest are in Third. It's not confusing at all, just switches the pace of the story from time to time, which made it better for me.

All in all this story was GREAT FUN!! I loved it, and CANNOT WAIT to read the next. Kane and Hawk are adorableness times 100, Spike, Ruber, Dad, Jewel and pretty much everything about this story only made me want to read more and more. Funny, cute, creative, inventive, great characters, sweet love...

Please please please when is #2 coming out?!

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