Thursday, February 2, 2012

Some of Our Favorite Online Fiction

There is so much great stuff out there to read in the M/M genre that sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming. So, we're going to be putting lists together to help out those of you looking for a little something to read that you might not have on your radar.

For our first list we'll share some of our favorite Free Online Fiction. We have a couple of series, one AWESOME fanfic, some really wonderful YA, and a FAB fantasy with BDSM theme. These by no means are all the stories, but they are the ones that came to mind for this post, so they get to go first!

Here they are:

Special Forces by Aleksandr Voinov & Marquesate (picked by LA)
(Epic, Military, The "A" in Fucking AWESOME, BIG READ)

Why did LA love it?
Not much to say that has not been said about Special Forces. If you've been reading M/M for longer than three seconds, chances are you have already read, or at least heard of this story. It's well loved by the readers in this genre (as it should be), and also incredibly controversial. It is brutal, amazing, the most exquisite torture, and still one of the best reading experiences of my life. If you have not read it, take a chance on it. This story is WORTH IT.

Only other thing I can say is that if M/M Romance was a religion Special Forces would be my church. It was one of the very first M/M stories I read and I am here to bear witness my friends that Dan and Vadim made me a believer.


The Violet and The Tom by Ocotillo (picked by LA)
(BDSM, fantasy)

Why did LA love it?
For starters this is for sure one my favorite BDSM stories. Absolutely gorgeous writing. It's a fantasy, it's a love story. It just CRAZY good. One of the questions for the ages is, Why is this book not published?


Always Joey by Adelhardt (picked by Laddie and LA)
(teen love, super cute)

Why did Laddie love it?
Because of the sweet vulnerability and honesty present in both characters. It's a high school love story, and I adored the way that these young men kept it real eve when keeping it real was scary or made one of them look like a bit of an ass. A definite re-read because it makes me smile.


Just Friends by Natasha5 (picked by LA)
(teen love, super cute, best characters)

Why did LA love it?
This book starts every single chapter with a verse from a Bob Marley song. If that isn't enough awesomeness then Friday one of the MCs surely will be, he is an ABSOLUTELY lovely hippie boy with flowers in his hair and so in love with his best friend it's heartbreaking. Another high school story that's just awesome. It was written by a teenage girl too, so that makes it extra FAB.


The Girl for Me by Failte (picked by Laddie and LA)
(cross dresser, teen love, funny, best characters)

Why did Laddie love it?
This is another high school love story that really captured what it is to be a teenager. All of the confusion and big emotions. It's also a story where one of the main characters is a crossdresser and it was so refreshing to see that topic handled so well. Dani and Kev were two young men that I just adored.


Lovers Destined by Heather (picked by LA)
(fanfiction, BDB, fuckhawt)

Why did LA love it?
If like me, in another life you actually read romance books that had women in them...You probably know and love the Black Dagger Brotherhood, and like me, you are PISSED at JR Ward for not writing Qhuinn and Blay's story. WELL! Lucky for us, H.M. Broussard AKA the lovely Heather M on Goodreads took matters into her own hands, and gave our Qhuay thestory they deserved. This story is just what I wanted for them, and so FRIGGIN' hot it'll melt your face right off!

The Velvet Shadow by Neko (picked by Laddie)
(fantasy, m-preg)

Why did Laddie love it?
Because anyone who can get me to read a fantasy book all the way through deserves a mention. I'm not one for fantasy stories but this one really caught my interest with the sweetness of the main relationship.


The Introspective Debate of Owen Brody by Dart Gray (Picked by LA)
(funny, teen love, 100% awesome)

Why did LA love it?
It's just different! I loved the humor and the use of percentages just totally charmed me. Loved these two high school lovelies.


Just Hit Send by Grasshopper (picked by Laddie and LA)
(epic love story, kids, MC with disability, gonna make you cry, BIG READ)

Why did LA love it?
Mainly due to the fact that I'm a slut for angst and these boys made me cry for a whole week. Mostly it was because I love to read the occasional story about soul mates people that just HAVE to be together against all odds. The hodge podge family in this story was also fantastic.

Bonus Pick

Teahouse by Emirain (picked by Laddie and LA)
(WIP, beautiful, we want to have this webcomic's babies)

Why do we love it?
Because it is some of the awesomest art we've seen, and it's naughty and delicious.

That is the first batch of free online fiction we wanted to share. We hope some of these stories are of interes,t they are all great reads and THEY ARE FREE!! Happy reads and happy happy weekend!


  1. I have read a couple of these, and it looks like I should check the rest out soon! Thanks Lladies for the scoop.

    1. You're most welcome! Hope you find some you love!

  2. Hey LLadies,

    Lovers Destined is no longer available at the link you posted *pouts* The GR page also has the same link. Might you guys be able to find out if the story is still available? I can't wait for J R Ward to get her act together and stop being such a freaking coward. Why create gay characters and then shy away from giving them the HEA they deserve? Ugh!

    Got all the others bookmarked, though. If you guys recommend, they have to be awesomtastically good.

    Viv (a.k.a. Fangtasia)

  3. Good, good stuff. And to think it is free! Special forces, Always Joey, The girl for me and Teahouse top the bill for me.
    I haven't read The velvet shadow yet. Mpreg, hum, hum!