Monday, February 27, 2012

Dark Soul Vol. 4 by Aleksandr Voinov

Is it just me, or do we agree that Puccinni would have been ALL OVER Silvio and Stefano? Because HOLY Italian HIGH DRAMA this a fucking OPERA!

This fourth 'aria' of Dark Soul was a bit less all consuming for me than the first three. Not that it was any less awesome, not at all. Just the turn in the story put me in a space where only knowing IT ALL can make it okay at this point. Which only just reaffirms that this arc rocks.

Dark Rival I
In this scene Stefano is back at the table with the capos. Things have come to a head with the Russians and Stefano's strike must show once and for all just how much force he can unleash when his "Family" is fucked with. These little bits of Cosa Nostra machinations are so satisfying for me. They make the story bigger, almost so that it grows around Stefano and Silvio, and we can see the men they have to be. It makes what is happening between them that much better, it's so primal and we can understand where it comes from. These men live like they love, all instinct.

Silvio is out with Franco delivering the strike to the Russians, and it is all to clear to Stefano that once the deed is done there will be no reason for Silvio to stay with him any longer. Not sitting well with Stefano that. Stefano knows too well that he is reaching a point in his need for Silvio that will begin to tear down the walls that he has built around his life. Not the least of which is Donata his wife who he really loves.

Dark Rival II
Silvio delivers for Stefano with the Russians, he's ruthless and dramatic, and put a hurt on the Russians the likes of which they could not forget.

So there it is the end of their arrangement and Stefano is on the edge of desperate, he does not know how to get closer to Silvio, without busting up his life. But he does not care. Franco is set to leave, he cannot give Silvio what he wants, but he clearly tells Stefano how he can be what Silvio needs.

At the same time Donata, she knows and confronts him. He is reluctant to agree there is someone else, and as much as he hates hurting her, the only thing he can do is keep throwing himself into whatever it is that he has going with Silvio. Silvio still won't show him what he wants. Stefano knows though. Silvio needs to be OWNED completely, unconditionally and PERMANENTLY too many people have walked away.

Dark Temptation
Here is where Stefano finally faces head on where he is with Silvio. Silvio is out cruising looking for that hurt and sex that makes him just fly away, and Stefano comes looking for him. It's enough now.

Stefano has decided. Whatever happens next, it is what it is. Stefano will have Silvio. The rest of the world can burn.

Aaaaaand here is where we are left waiting for No.5....I felt at the end of this installment like I was at the dip before the big dramatic aria soars and where everything comes to a head.

We shall see...I truly hope there are no dramatic plunges off bridges in this story, but I do want some fantastic badass mayhem....Oh and a HAPPY FUCKING ENDING!

Absolutely recommend this series.

You can purchase Dark Soul Volumes 1-4, and also pre-order Volume 5 at Riptide Publishing.

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  1. I just finished this one earlier today. Can't wait for the final one. Like you, I hope for Silvio's sake that there will be a happy ending.

    1. Yeah I know it'll be unconventional, but I just want Silvio to get unconditional love. He needs it so bad.