Thursday, February 23, 2012

Crack Attack!! I've Gone On A Siren Publishing Book Bender

Every once in a while, when I just don't feel like having deep literary thoughts, I go on a book bender. When I'm on a book bender there is no better place to get my fix than Siren Publishing. In the last two days I have read four Siren books and I think that my standards may have run off and gone into hiding.

Book #1:
Robert's VP by Lynn Hagen

I said that I was never going to read another Lynn Hagen book. Apparently I lied to myself. That's not even the worst part. The worst part is that I kind of...ummmnnn...liked this book.

Dammit. Stop laughing at me.

Robert's the young guy who gave up his college dreams when his parent's died suddenly because he had to take care of his 12 year old sister and six month old brother. Ethan's the new VP at the plant where Robert works.

Robert's all straight and shit but wait a minute!! Why is he suddenly getting hard for a man?! Specifically getting hard for Ethan??! I think you can guess rest. Typical gay-for-you.

Book #2:
Sage's Mystery by Lynn Hagen

Apparently Lynn Hagen is my drug of choice or something. Sad, so sad, I know. Anyway, this one is about Sage the big, bad werewolf of Romanian descent and William the homeless twink who's afraid of his own shadow.

When I say William is a twink I am talking TWINK. He weighs 91 pounds. I dont't remember ever weighing 91 pounds. I was 91 pounds at birth. I think one of my boobs alone weighs 91 pounds.

Still, this book amused me. Sage buys a ghost town on the internet. How fucking schweet is that??! Laura and I decided that we need our own town. It'll be the coolest place around. Come live in it, bitches!

Books #3 & 4:

Lisptick And Handguns and Strip: Tease And Search by Gabrielle Evans

More super tiny twinks who are gorgeous and guess what? They're strippers too! These two books are connected by the overarching "We gotta find the serial killer/person who's selling BDSM sex slaves" plot.

You would think I would get sick of the alphas and cutie patootie men but so far I'm enjoying giving my brain a break. Plus, who can get sick of growly men. Whicy, by the way, I've never heard a man growl. If I did then I would be concerned that he might have rabies. Rabies is so not sexy.

So, Siren Publishing, for as long as I am taking leave of my senses I will continue to fork over my money. I'm getting some damn good laughs out of it...though I don't think I'm supposed to be laughing.


  1. The day I hear a man growl(my husband or son), I will be out the door never to return. I will come live in the new cool town that you are going to buy. :) Love your description of the books. I'm still laughing.

    I read a couple of Siren books awhile back. They actually weren't "that" bad. Cowboy Drifter and Loving Tyler, both by Winona Wilder. They had hot cowboys in them. That's always a plus. :D

    1. OMG! I just saw a Siren book called The Shark Who Rode a Seahorse by Scarlet Hyacinth. You have got to read the blurb for that one! :D

    2. Those are the Mate Or Meal books, Lisa! Those books are taunting me but I'm trying to resist. Resistance is probably futile though.

    3. I tried to start reading the first one of the Mate or Meal ones Lad, but I couldn't. Except it was funny because the twink (you know, the one who must be constantly carried around) kept going "baah!" whenever he was surprised! Awesome!

    4. Ahahahahahahah! Omg, Cole! He went baaaah? That's pretty damn hilarious.

  2. I read the Tri-Omega Series by Stormy Glenn, those arent too bad. I also started reading the Resistant-Omega series by Joyee Flynn. Some how they are all the same.

    Now I have to go read Robert's VP, it sounds too cracktastic to pass up.

    1. I really did like Robert's VP for some twisted reason. It has one of the most MELODRAMATIC scenes evvveerrr!

  3. I am So Bad that i Love reading the crackattack kinds of books..*blushes*

  4. I've been to a ghost town before. It was super awesome. We were in Colorado and had rented Jeeps and were driving up all these mountain roads that we probably never should have been on, lol, and then it was like, right there in this mountain valley. It was creepy like, Wild Wild West creepy with abandoned mines and stuff everywhere.

    So what the hell would you do with a freakin ghost town?!

    1. That sounds pretty awesome, Cole! We would turn have evryone we like come live in it, that's what. Lol! And Laura wants a tractor. I want a go-cart.