Friday, February 10, 2012

Our BIG, Favorite Couples Valentine's Post

So since we're off to a GREAT start this year with lovely books and already have some favorites on our evergrowing shelves...We thought it would be fun to list the couples we've ABSOLUTELY LOVED, give you a couple of updates, and give you the skinny on why we love these guys.

Laura's picks are from books released in 2011 and Laddie's picks...well, Laddie just had to be a rebel, so her picks are kind of all over the place.

Wil and Dallin from Aisling, Book One: Guardian by Carole Cummings (Laddie's pick)
I hold my ground that the Aisling series is the best collection of M/M books I've read to date. Wil and Dallin captured my heart and my attention and their relationship is the definition of "slow burn".

Xander and Chris from The Locker Room by Amy Lane (Laura's pick)
Xander and Chris are the kings of my Gay Boy Kingdom. I love them desperately, and if you haven't read this book. Please! Please do. Xan and Chris are my soul mates, beat the odds couple. I have still to read about two men more perfect for each other.
Click Here to download an exclusive update on Xander and Chris

Daniel Hart and Phoenix Love from The Slayer's Apprentice by Zathyn Priest (Laddie's pick)
I have yet to see a more twisted situation and relationship in a M/M romance book. These men, this story, was unsettling but I wanted these guys to get their HEA.

Mac and Tony from Life Lessons Series by Kaje Harper (Laura's pick)
What can I possibly say about Mac and Tony? They are amazing...AMAZING! Mac is the most noble man and Tony is so strong. They are so in love, it's just fabulous to read about these men. This is a coming out of the close story,  they have to be brave in the face of many trials, but that love wins out.
The third novel for this series will be released later this year from MLR Press.
Click here to download an exclusive Mac and Tony Valentine's Day Short (Story is set between Life Lessons and Breaking Cover)

Alex and Everett from A Wealth Of Unsaid Words by R. Cooper (Laddie's pick)
These men's story had a depth of emotion that you rarely see in a short story. The author tackled a really serious issue in Alex and Everett's story and their love brought a tear to my eye.

Ben and Laurie from Dance With Me by Heidi Cullinan (Laura's pick)
Adorable dancer and his funny football player, who loves Britney Spears. Ben and Laurie were wonderful. This story was about second chances in love and in life. Touching and very sweet.

Derek O'Reilly and Nicolai Lund From Split by Mel Bossa (Laddie's pick)
This is a book that should be a lot more well known than it is. Derek and Nicolai had a love that started young and endured. This book broke my heart with its poignancy.

Austin, Jay and Liam from Room at the Top by Jane Davit and Alexa Snow (Laura's pick)
This story was probably my favorite BDSM read of last year, and for sure my favorite book with a menage. It was erotic, emotional, gritty and just approached the D/s subject beautifully. This trio was FAB.

Joey and Jimmy from Always Joey by Adelhardt (Laddie's pick)
This one free online fiction that I would have gladly paid for. High school romances are hard to pull off but this little gem was beautifully done. I especially love the way the HEA was done and the honesty of the characters.

Dustin and Stuart from Paper Planes by M. Jules Aiden (Laura's pick)
Stuart and Dustin were men that had lost the men they thought they would be with forever. One to a terrorist attack one to AIDS. They found each other and they got a second chance at love. This book is deeply emotional without being angsty, and it is beautifully written.

Jesse Clayton and Lorenzo Maryboy from Marathon Cowboys by Sarah Black (Laddie's pick)
These are my favorite two Sarah Black characters to date. Jesse and Lorenzo balanced each other out excellently and, as an artist, I enjoyed reading about the creative process that the men went through.

Kyler and Robbie from Black Heart Down by SJ Frost (Laura's pick)
Kyler and Robbie were my favorite rocker boys from last year. We know these boys from the Conquest series and know all the trouble they are. Kyler is a pain in the ass and has bee given poor Robbie grief for years. But we finally get their happy ending. It's a good one.

Jesse Richards and Rafael Ochoa from It's Not Shakespeare by Amy Lane (Laddie's pick)
Amy Lane really hit the nail on the head with this tale of an interracial relationship.

Tristan and Charles from Kindred Hearts by Rowan Speedwell  (Laura's pick)
My favorite historical from last year. It is set so well. Tristan is an amazing character so conflicted and so alone. Charles is his knight in shining armor. Another great love story.

Otis and Garret from A Lie I Can Live With by Eden Winters (Laddie's pick)
These guys were simply adorable. This was a great story about how everyone has things about themselves that they are unhappy with and finding someone who loves everything about you from the inside out.

Bernie and Tomas from Sparks by Talia Carmichael (Laddie's pick)

This is one of those books that I love even if it's only a three star read. It had a hot geek, a sexy Latino and a whole bunch of sweetness.

 Jack and Riley from Heart of Texas by RJ Scott (Laura's pick)
My cowboys! This novel is a crazy soap opera. Over the top drama like you would not believe, but I just loved this couple. So very sweet and HOT.

Kevin and Dani/Danny from The Girl For Me by Failte (Laddie's pick)
This was a unique story and another free online fic about high school romance. You don't find a lot of stories out there about crossdressers and this story handled the topic awesomely.

Tarin and Beakface from Out of the Woods by Syd McGynley (Laura's pick)
Tarin is my most favorite thing. LOVE HIM. I can't even begin to describe just how wonderful his character is. His Beakface is pretty great too. This story has a dystopia theme. Very intriguing and creative.

Bear and Otter from Bear, Otter and the Kid by Tj Klune (Laura's pick)
This story was all charm and most of it had to do with The KID. So witty and sharp. I loved his character. Bear and Otter had me at the end of my wits, and I loved every minute of it. It was funny, emotional and has one of the best cast of characters I read last year.
There is a sequel for  this book coming out later this year from Dreamspinner press.

Click here for an exclusive update on Bear and Otter

There they are folks our most favorite boys for this Valentine's Day. We hope some of these are as lovely to read for you as they were for us, that you enjoyed the little treats, and most importantly that you all have a lovely Valentine full of tons of love!


LA and Lad


  1. LA - downloads aren't working for me. You might want to check them?

    1. Hey Kaje, they are working for me. I'm not sure why they aren't for you :(

  2. Replies
    1. It should be working now TJ. We used Google docs which works great if you HAVE a google account. I put them on a file sharing site so they are available for download to anyone. Sorry about that, we are a lot less clever then we think we are.

  3. Working now LA - thank you! *Running off to read about Bear and Otter and Chris and Xander!!!!*

  4. We share some of the same favorite couples. Another Amy Lane couple I loved was Patrick and Whiskey from Clear Water. It was so great watching how Whiskey helps turn Patrick's life around.

    I still love Ty and Zane from the Cut & Run series. Can't get enough of those guys. The banter between them always cracks me up. I've enjoyed watching their relationship progress and can't wait to see what happens next.

    Speaking of not being able to wait, that best describes how I feel about Bear and Otter. I don't think I have ever loved a group of characters more(with the Kid). Can't wait for Who We Are to be out.

    Thanks for the updates!

  5. You've got great taste in books - or at least your favorites perfectly coincide with mine :) Thank you very much for this great list and another big thank-you to Kaje! Now I'm off to buy Split as that is one I haven't read yet.

  6. Thank you for all these recommendations.
    Have not read a lot of the books you talked about but I'm going to put them on my TBR list.

    I also fell in love for Chris and Xander...loved this book so much that I re read it all over again once I had finished to be sure I didn't miss something. Very pleased to have a update from them. :)

    Loved Bear, Otter and the Kid and cannot wait to read the sequel! Loved the udpdate too. :)

    Life Lessons Series is next in my TBR pile. Cannot wait to finally be introduced to them.

    Have been reading a lot of series recently and among the couples I followed, I really enjoyed Vic and Jacob from PsyCop series, Nicky and Brandon from Taking the Odds series and Adrien and Jake From Adrien English Mystery series.

    Happy Valentine's Day for you too!!

  7. Enny I've yet to read Split, but Lad has amazing taste in books and they are always unique and a treat to read.

    Carnell oh YOU MUST get to Life Lessons, Mac and Tony are really something special. They are amazing and so HOT.

    Oh yeah Psycop and AE are two of my all time favorites as well Josh Lanyon and JCP are fabulous writers. I hope you enjoy these books!

    1. Have finally read Life Lessons and Breaking Cover last week and you were right, I LOVED Mac and Tony!!!

  8. You know the good stuff, girls!
    @Laura: Kindred Hearts is really a gem. I LOVED it.
    @(Rebel) Laddie: Split seems interesting.
    @LL: Mac and Toni ROCK!

  9. So glad that all of you liked our BIG list! I definitely adored Split and I hope all of you who decide to try it like it too. :)

  10. Hi, the Valentine for Xan and Chris doesn't seem to be working....but the other links are working. Can it be updated please?