Friday, October 5, 2012

Two Things: A Wonderful Online Series and One of the Most Touching Music Videos I've EVER Seen...

First thing...I've been meaning to write about this show for weeks now, once I realized NONE of my friends knew about it. Including all my gay friends!

Husbands is this sweet little online show. It's a series which so far has 14 (very) shorts episodes about a pair of newlyweds.

Here is the premise...Cheeks, a pretty flamboyant sitcom actor, and Brad, a baseball player for the LA Dodgers have gotten married in Las Vegas. Marriage Equality has finally been legalized in the US, and after only six weeks of dating the pair got a little carried away with their celebrating and wake up hungover and MARRIED...Since the don't want to be BRITNEY...They decide to stay married and see it goes. What ensues is incredibly funny TV, with truly heartwarming and tender moments  and all of this in episodes that range between three to eight minutes in length. All the characters secondary and the two leads are OUTSTANDING and outrageously funny.

The series is co-produced  and co-writte by Brad Bell, the actor that plays Cheeks and Jane Espenson who one of the writers for Buffy the Vampire Slayer. For the Buffy fans, you will get a kick to see Joss Whedon making cameos as Brad's agent.

So if you haven't seen husbands PLEASE give it a try you won't regret it. It is truly great and you can watch both seasons in under and hour, all the episodes are available for free on youtube. To get you started below is the very first episode titled...Waking Up in Vegas...ENJOY!!!!

The second thing is the video for the song Same Love by the Seattle based artists Macklemore and Ryan Lewis which came out earlier this weekThis song IS BEAUTIFUL, and it has been making the rounds on the internet for the past few days. I decided to post here in case some of you have missed it. It's a truly gorgeous effort to support Marriage Equality and I just want to share it with as many people as I can...I am grateful for my friend who sent me the link early Wednesday morning, even if he did fail to warn me that I would cry for an hour afterwards!

So far I've watched it a dozen times and cried every single time with how beautiful it is...Watching it I think of the people in my life that I love so much, like the friend who sent this to me,  who still have not walked down the aisle, and I like to think that very soon, it will be so that they  all have the right to stand up with theirt beloved in front of all the their loved ones and say I DO! :O)

Here it is Same Love...ENJOY and SHARE!!

Have a great weekend EVERYONE! 

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  1. I ran across Husbands last year. It is just too cute!