Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Dex in Blue by Amy Lane

                                                                        This book was interesting for various reasons:

1. It was not nearly as angsty as I expected it to be, especially as a follow up for Chase in Shadow which was such a hard book.

2. The way that these characters unfolded REALLY surprised me. 

3. Amy Lane once again got the Latino man/culture/family things to a T. I don't know where she is getting her info, but it's really working.

Dex and Kane we knew from CiS...Dex was a leader among the models at Johnnies the gay-for-pay studio him and Kane work for, he's a guy that people can count on. Dex is not really doing scenes anymore, he is directing and pretty much running the business with John(more and more on his own lately since John has developed a bit of a coke problem). 

Dex is in his late twenties and since he came to California nine years ago, running a away from the loss of the love of his life, Johnies has been the closest thing to a family and a home he's had.

Kane is a young guy, from a working class Mexican family and once he was out of high school he decided that doing porn could put the skills in the one thing he could do well to use and at least make some money. He ends up needing to stay at Johnnies, so that he can pay for his little nieces leukemia treatment even though his sister I a fucking bitch and treats him like shit for being a "pervert". Which leads to Kane being kicked out of his own house, so that his bitch sister can get away from her abusive husband...And that's how Kane and Dex end up being roomies. 

Dex has the space and he likes Kane a lot, he's a good guy and on the night that Dex finally puts an ends to his own toxic relationship Kane and Dex start to move things away from friends and more towards lovers.

Their journey is sweet, they give each other a home and companionship, love, support and in true Amy Lane style these men are as FIERCE and RIGHTEOUS for each other. 

When Dex needs him Kane takes on who he has to for Dex to be alright. Dex does the same for Kane. There is also the tribe, Chase, Tommy, Ethan (Book #3!! WOOHOO!)John, Kevin, Donnie, and all the others we knew from CiS who do for each other and well it's a lovely hodge podge reminiscent of our other beloved group from the Central Valley.

This book in many ways is very simple, two men who are alone find a person to love, and who will love them back, and accept them for exactly who they are cracks and all.

I loved them together, completely loved Kane and just really enjoyed their story. I love these tribes that Amy Lane writes ,and I truly delight in getting to know them as well as I do. They feel SO REAL. Visiting with Tommy and Chase and seeing them from another POV was also a treat and I have to say a brilliant move.

All in a all not the emotional roller coaster that I expected, it was mostly a nice walk with two men that have to go through their share of trials to arrive to a happy ending that in my opinion was well worth the patches of bad stuff...I think Dex and Kane would agree.

LOVED....Like always, it's not like it's a surprise or anything.

Dex in Blue is available at Dreamspinner Press

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  1. I'm dying to read this. If only stupid work did not get in the way!