Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Lawless by Sarah Black

It is Western, an EPIC love story,a family drama, a crime novel,a thriller...with political intrigue, amazing erotica, super interesting look at cultural differences in relationships, very gritty look at the US/Mexico border and the lawlessness of that place, an AMAZING PASSIONATE Romance...SO GOOD, SO DAMN GOOD. HOW? HOW? HOW? Is this book not a NYT Bestselling NOVEL? HOW?! I could not put this book down for a second!

In reality these are two stories, Fearless #1 and Fearless #2, but they work best as just one book. There is no way that you'll want to stop once you've started this story.

Colton Wheeler is a Lieutenant in Arizona he works out of Tucson. He is in charge of the unit that deals with crimes in the border areas. As he says he is a man that lives and operates in the Gray Areas, doing what he has to do, to protect those who can't protect themselves. 

He has a lover Dr. Diego del Rio, a surgery resident. Colton and Diego they are a pair. Burning passion these men have it's just, I don't even know, just amazing, and tame and selfless and just total.

Colton is not out at work or to his uncle the local Sherrif. His uncle expressed very negative attitudes towards homosexuals in years past, so Colton just kept his personal life to himself. Not that he was interested in hiding, he was practically living with Diego and even though it was not done deal, he would be happy to make a life with the man. Diego was it for Colton, he was everything he wanted in life.

But all of a sudden something terrible happens, and Colton wakes up badly injured and his lover is GONE. GONE...He doesn't know what has happened, obviously it was a hate crime, but Colton will not give up Diego, HE WILL NOT. So he gets out of the hospital willing to do whatever it takes to bring his man back home and live the life they were supposed to live...In his struggle to regain his love, his life, they both discovers just how ugly the faces of hate can be.

Colton's love for Diego is just so complete, so frank, he will lay down at this feet, he will tear his heart out for him, and Diego is just the same. They are just so strong for each other and they have hardships, both stories are hard. They are hurt both of them are, evil people want to tear them apart...Nothing can do that. No one can destroy what they have.

The secondary characters in the book are beyond great, so strong. Especially Diego's old uncle. Sarah Black has such a gift for writing older wiser, characters.

I especially loved her take on Mexican politics, American/Mexican relations and the VAST differences in the way that interracial couple look at family and life. The connections are so different.

This by far is the sexiest of book of Sarah's that I've read...She can write some fine Erotica. Beautiful.

This was fun I laughed out loud so many times. Colton might be one one of my favorite characters ever. LOVED HIM. Diego was like some sort of angel with such a strength, but also so vulnerable.

There were really hard parts in this book, very hard, but they were all so well done. The thriller/crimmie thing was done so damn well.

This book truly, truly had it ALL. From all the books I've read this year this one might be the one that gets reread the most. Absolutely FANTASTIC.

Colton and Diego. I love you forever and ever.

Sarah Black is just in her own category for me. The woman can do no wrong.

I STRONGLY recommend this book.

Lawless is for sale on Amazon.com

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