Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Gasp! by Z.A. Maxfield

Can I get a WOOT WOOT!!!.... Can I get Gasp! Gasp!

This book was a DELIGHT to read...Like with a capital Hell Yeah!!

Ok so this book...First of all it's been like a gamillion years since I had the pleasure of reading a ZA Maxfield book, like the ZAM that I read in my early M/M romance reader pup days...You know the ones, The Long Way Home or my (ex) Favest Crossing Borders sooo my point is THIS BOOK ROCKED! Like Nigel Gasp....It ROCKED.

Jeff Paxton has just declined to reenlist after finishing his third tour in Afghanistan. He wanted to come home. He wants to be with his people. He wants his family. But instead he gets to babysit Nigel Motherfucking Gasp...His sister Deirdre is going on maternity leave and she can trust no else with her boss. She's the Personal Manager to Mr. Gasp one of the most adored rock stars in the world...He's also about to turn 40 and being the magnificent devil he is, he's going to try and make self-destruction something sublimely naugthy...There is nothing to do but to watch him plummet to the ground...EXCEPT Jedd Paxton is not a guy to stand by and watch people become tragedies. He can't, he WON',T and not Nigel who has been his most luscious wet dream ever since he can remember...So there they are Nigel being a complete asshole...Jeff being a complete hardass...God they couldn't BE more different Nigel is a spastic, eccentric, narcissistic, deluded nut job. Jeff is a stoic, lonely quiet man figthing demons that sometimes just seem too damn real. Could never work...

And that's where ZA Maxfield worked her magic and true to form gave me characters that I could ONLY fall in love with.

Nigel as the Rockstar...SO well done...He was who he was...How can you turn around and suddenly not be the egostistical maniac that you had been for 20 years? Nigel  couldn't...But he wanted too! And he tried to be better. He understood what it was that Jeff made him feel and he recognized it for what it was, despite the fact that Jeff was younger he grounded him and made him feel safe...He never tried to kill the things that made him that eccentric beautifully strange man he had always been...but he aimed for more, for better. He wanted love. He wanted Jeff,and he got to a place where he could SAY IT.

Jeff he was a stranger in a strange land. The only sure thing was that all consuming attraction for Nigel...He made him crazy, he made him want things, he made him HAPPY.

I loved this men. Laughed out loud, cried, yelled at my kindle...Man I loved this book.

ZAM did such a beautiful job with these guys, they were WHO THEY WERE they must have been hell to write because there was VERY little compromise, but there was luscious love, great family and just luscious love everywhere, and hands down the best phone sex I've ever read in any book EVER.

This was smart character development, crafty writing, just a good good read.

Loved this book TOO DAMN MUCH...Love me some ZA Maxfield. She writes it, I'll read it.

Gasp! is available at Loose ID

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  1. YAY! Good to see you back :D I'm so super excited to read this!