Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Gambling Men by Amy Lane

Poker is Life...You gotta to go all in sometimes to WIN BIG...Jace Spade was a man that liked to take a gamble and when it came to Quent Jackson he had been waiting to play his cards just right. Because Quent he was the BIG WIN...The one that once you had it, you could walk away without looking back.

Eight years they had been friends. College roomates, business partners and Quent was always happy to let Jace take the lead. Quent trusted Jace with his life, and would have happily followed him wherever he took him. He loved him too. Always, from the first day, but Jace was straight and a ladies man, so Quent kept it to himself. He'd rather have him close, like his best friend, his business partner, the guy who he did everything with, than not to have him at all...He took what he could get.

Until the day that Jace raised the stakes and made his move...All of a sudden Jace and Quent were in bed together and it was all that they both wanted, because apparently Jace had been pining for Quent for just as long, and well once they both showed their hands it was a fucking NUCLEAR thing. They were so hot for each other, it was like their entire lives had been leading up to THEM, them TOGETHER. So MUCH LOVE and they couldn't get enough of each other. So MUCH TIME wanting and waiting, and once it was their time to be together they did everything like they always had. Jace went at it like he was going to set the world on fire, and Quent just let him walk him right into the flames. These two men were a thing of fucking beauty, the gestures, the love, the passion, and the HOTNESS. SWEET SWEET MERCY, have some ice packs ready people...Because DAMN.

Here's the thing with Amy Lane. I love her books. Every one I've read, I've loved. She writes beautiful couples, that always affect me, and they are always hot and sexy and just amazing. She upped her game with Jace and Quent though, this was DAMN fine erotica. Just like Marie Sexton with Song of Oestend, or KA Mitchell with Bad Boyfriend it was like I went from some lovely Ben and Jerry's chocolate ice cream to that awesome stuff from Godiva, and yes they're both good but there is a difference. 

This was purely indulgent, spicy, sweet, hot, good and just very very tasty.

They were SO IN LOVE, I just smiled the whole time, the friends were fantastic, the office manager Elsie was a hoot, and I LOVED all the poker metaphors. I was not bored for a single second.

One more awesome book, with awesome men, with a beautiful love story (angst free this time).

I wish every day was New Amy Lane Book Day. RECOMMEND!!!!

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